German Concentration Camp Auschwitz

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Auschwitz was a German concentration camp that was used in 1940 through 1945. This facility was originally a Polish barracks, once Poland lost the western region of their territory this barracks was transformed into a camp. Once the Germans had seized this location they decided to expand the camp. There were 3 main buildings, and would eventually be the largest concentration camp in the Nazi Army. This location was used to house mainly Poles, Roma, Jews and a few other nationalities. During the first couple of years, most of the prisoners (mainly Poles) were considered to be people that might be political activists, or might be conspiring an uprising, they also held correctional prisoners as well. During their stay at this camp they were treated…show more content…
The Jews that were not killed immediately were given the worst jobs and most times were deprived of food. During the last few years of this camp Jews were shipped here by the mass loads to be executed, this was the Nazi’s answer to dealing with their “Jewish issue.” The Roma population that was housed at Auschwitz were held as prisoners mainly for prostitution and for not having a job. Because they are considered gypsies, the Germans labeled them as aliens or outsiders. Roma’s were treated slightly better in the camp, they were not subjected to the gas chambers, got to wear normal clothes and live with their families. These people still suffered from disease and other hardships that the other prisoners were subjected to. Even with these “better conditions” during the last few years of Auschwitz there will still many people of this origin that suffered the gas chambers. On average about 60 people died per day, during the end of this concentration camp the Nazi’s were killing people by the masses including women and children. These prisoners not only suffered these horrible living conditions and their unenviable, they were able subjected to brutal scientific
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