Jewish Children During Ww2 Essay

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Many children were affected during world war II. Many children did not have a childhood; they either had to go into concentration camps or even had to go to war at a very young age. Jewish kids in concentration camps were worked and had to endure many of the harsh treatments. Many children died or had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by the end of the war. Many children had it very rough during this time.
Many children had not had a childhood, they had to go to war or even were in the concentration camps. The youngest child that was in war was seven years old. More than 52,000 children went into the concentration camps and about 52 or less children came out. Many children outside of the camps would stay up at night because they were scared of …show more content…

According to Eli Weasel the author of Night, explains to his readers that he remembers babies being thrown into the air and being used as target practice. Many Nazi soldiers did not know what they were doing and many were also children that were Nazi soldiers and they did not know what they were doing they were just following orders. Eli Weasel also wrote about remembering having to lie about his age so that they did not separate him from his father. He had to lie about his age because if he said his age or if his father said their age they would have had to go to the other line and would have been sent to the gas chambers. Eli and other children had remembered seeing their fathers and others being beaten in front of them and being scared at night because of rats coming and nipping at their toes as they slept. If you had to live in these conditions would you have …show more content…

During the blitz, 7,736 children were killed and 7,622 children were wounded and later died. Many of the children were left orphans or even lost brothers or sisters. As well as being victims of the raids, children were involved in relief efforts. Many children had their own experience during the war. As many as 10,000 children traveled out of Nazi Germany, to Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia to Great britain. Many children of the camps were known as a number. One child, the father of Michael and Debbie Bornsteid, said that he remembers that the clothes that they were given were falling off of them, and that their bodies were decaying yet they were still living. He had said something about him remembering seeing people die from gas chambers, torture buildings and whipping stones. Honestly could not imagine seeing this. Many children had a disease called “hunger diarrhea”. In Auschwitz they found a way to make the barbed wire

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