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Lebensborn, also known as “fountain of life”, is known for being one of the most “secret and terrifying Nazi projects.” The founder of this project, Heinrich Himmler, had the idea of a perfect Nazi/Aryan nation by forcing women to have children. These children were then sent to the SS Organization where they were taught the ways and beliefs of the Germans. However, when the war ended, several children were saved and sent back to their families or put up for adoption. The women and children involved in this project were treated extremely awful by the Nazi Germans (The Nazi Party: The "Lebensborn" Program). The idea of the Lebensborn project was to reverse the declining birthrate of Germany and increase the Germanic/Nordic population to 120 million. The first Lebensborn home was built outside of Munich, but this is just one of ten Lebensborn homes throughout Germany. The ten Lebensborn homes were established in Germany. There were nine in Norway and two in Austria. Also, there was one each in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxembourg, and Denmark (The Nazi Party: The "Lebensborn" Program). The SS and Wermacht officers were told by Himmler to have children with Aryan women. Himmler had the idea that these children would lead a Nazi-Aryan nation (Landler). In 1940, …show more content…

These children were taken by the SS Organization to Lebensborn homes where they were taught the ways of the Germans. Some were adopted by German families. After the war, American troops came in and found 300 children and put them up for adoption. In all, about 25,000 children were saved and sent home to their original families or sent back to their native countries if they came from another country. The Lebensborn Project was one of the most terrifying projects of the Holocaust and will never be

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