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Elie Wiesel once proclaimed, “It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.” There were around six million people that had to experience these exact situations. This became known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a very traumatic and eye opening event for humans. They came to a realization of how cruel mankind can be. Most of the people that tried saving children were usually courageous Christians (Hoffman 9). There were a few brave souls that risked everything to save a few people, such as Sir Nicholas Winton and many others (“Holocaust”). This paper explicates Nicholas Winton’s life, and what he did to help the children in the Holocaust. Nicholas Winton was born in Hampstead, United Kingdom. He was born on May 19, 1909. Winton was the oldest of three children; his parents were Rudolf and Wertheimer. His father was a …show more content…

He found parents that would adopt kids, secured entry permits and he raised all of the funds to cover the costs of the children 's transit. Any of the cost that he did not raise, he paid for out of his own pocket. He arranged trains gathered up which carried two hundred fifty children each. Winton’s first train carried children out of the country just a couple of hours before Adolf hitler and his German soldiers took over Czechoslovakia. In a five month time span, Winton and his rescuers successfully transported seven other trains. With eight trains full of children transferred out of the country, they had one more train to go. The ninth train was planned to go out on September 1, 1939, but on that day Hitler invaded Poland and blocked off all of the borders. This started World War II and Winton’s rescuing came to an end (“Sir Nicholas Winton”). A total of 669 children were saved due to Sir Nicholas Winton’s bravery (“Nicholas

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