Gilgamesh And Odysseus Comparison Essay

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As I began think about similarities both the epic heroes in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey have I also begin to see the many differences too. Gilgamesh and Odysseus are two heroes from two different lands and at two different time periods that were both in search of something, Gilgamesh was searching for life whereas Odysseus was searching for his way home. Gilgamesh, was a real king from early Mesopotamia and Odysseus is also a king but from early Greece. Two men, two different lands so much alike and also so different. While Gilgamesh was a hero and the ruler of Uruk we were told that his was even more handsome, self centered, courageous and terrifying than all of the people in the land. Even though these were his attributes, Gilgamesh …show more content…

Though Gilgamesh and Odysseus possess great strength and sharp minds, their own flaws of visionless are similar, and this does not help them with their journeys; like the duty of killing supernatural enemies like Humbaba and Polyphemus. These heroes are both men who have been granted certain strengths, Odysseus with physical, while Gilgamesh has been granted mental strength. We see Gilgamesh’s mental strength used to get over his fears of living life without his dear friend. In these two epic tale we see our heroes being lead by the gods to reach their outcome. The trial these heroes face is not the monsters or the journey its self but it is themselves they have to face. Gilgamesh wishes to have glory, honor, and a place in history forever, Odysseus wants to rule his home and be with is family. A hero is someone that desires to be and do something that no one else can do or will do again. From The Epic of Gilgamesh to The Odyssey, these epic heroes constantly had to reestablish themselves to overcome their fears, weaknesses and their own short comings to achieve something greater. Both Gilgamesh and Odysseus had to learn from each mistake they made to the next to get the desire they each

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