Gilgamesh Reflection

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When Gilgamesh’s mother Ninsun learns that Gilgamesh is preparing to go the woods to slay Humbab a monstrous being that guards the forest of cedars. She prayed and offered an offering to the gods so that they can protect Gilgamesh during his journey and that they protect him against Hum baba. Gilgamesh and Enkidu got home after successfully slaying the monstrous being Humbaba it was very courageous of him. Ishtar the goddess of love and war desired the beauty of Gilgamesh she made sexual advancement to Gilgamesh asking him to be his bridegroom. Gilgamesh rejects her advancements solely because of the way Ishtar treated her previous lovers. Gilgamesh reminds Ishtar of the way she used to treat her ex lovers and in the same breath he insults and shames her This angers Ishtar the goddess of love and war .Ishtar approaches her parents Anu ,the sky god and her mother Arura the goddess of life and fertility in tears of earth . Ishtar told her father Anu about the Insults and Shameful things Gilgamesh said to her. Her father reminds her that she brought it upon herself, Ishtar pleads with her father to give her the nose rope of The Bull of Haven to kill Gilgamesh. She threatens her father that she will open the gates of the underworld and this would cause destruction as the dead will kill the living. Her father warns her about The Bull of Heaven might cause she tells her father that she is well aware of the damage the bull of heaven might cause .Her father, Anu eventually

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