Girondins And Jacobins In The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was one of the significant movements that transitioned the medieval world to the modern times. During this time, there were groups that wanted this revolution and two of these are Girondins and Jacobins. When these two revolutionary groups took seats in the French National Assembly, the political left and right dichotomy was born. The Girondins are on the right wing and the Jacobins are on the left wing. Girondins were inspired by the Bible and the Greek philosophers. For them, all people were essentially equal. They had no fixed definitions for enemies who had to be fought, and they focused more on abolishing the excessive privileges of the upper classes. They started a process of creating a liberal-democratic regime, which had been a stable system for six centuries, but this only lasted for less than three years when the Jacobins came to power. The Jacobins divided all people between good and bad, honest and wicked. The lower classes, who suffered from exploitation and tyranny, were the good and honest people, and upper classes were the bad and corrupt ones. Their rule started the darkest period of the French Revolution ------- aristocrats and their associates were murdered, food shortages and costly wars happened, and even the taxation system barren. These experiences under monarchial rule had made the people thought and fought for egalitarianism, in which democracy is best suited. Democracy is looked as the end of everyone

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