Give Me Tap Analysis

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Even though several and the author believes that today egotistical people are everywhere to be found. Instead of assisting their society and alter it by hard work. Those egotistical people only hold comfort for themselves. Nevertheless, I disagree with the point that today people have become extremely individualists. Atomization and demoralization have not affected our society at the point of devastating it. As the author has presented as his point that the atomization and demoralization have had been. There are several examples of people who have contributed a lot before and even today there still exists who doesn 't represent self-indulgence to the world; however, showed cared for their community/society. First, we can infer to one of the recognized civil right activists for his civil rights moment Martin Luther King Jr he fought for the rights of African American and encouraged them to stand for themselves, taught them to fight the segregation they have been facing. He contributed a lot, took sacrifices at the point he was arrested. However, he continued presenting virtue and addressed the speech “I Have a Dream” that represented his idea of having a racial unity in the United …show more content…

In 2010, he became a founder of "Give me Tap" in order to provide African communities with the clean water. This helped thousands of people as they received clean water. Once again the society that Brooks mentioned in his article that society becoming individualistic has been proved wrong. People similar to Edwin still exist who desire to provide some type of benefit to their society and secure it as a suitable place for the others to live in. Therefore, we are not yet at the point to be extremely

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