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Over the years glitter has become a worldwide phenomenon. From the gay underground scene of New York City to the catwalks of London Fashion Week, it’s uses, colour and shape have varied throughout the years. Glitter which is translated to ‘glitra’ meaning literally ‘to shine’ can be traced back to our ancestors.They would use innovative substances such as insects, stones or glass but today glitter is mainly produced from plastic and comes in a range of shapes and sizes making it all the more difficult to decide amongst them. Due to accidental discovery in 1934, an American machinist Henry Ruschmann stumbled across a way to grind-up plastic into tiny particles and thus, industrial glitter was born. He later founded Meadowbrook Inventions where they maintain the production of glitter today. Yet, it wasn’t until the 70’s when glitter appeared on the high streets. With the birth of disco brought all things shiny. Diana Mankowski an American historian says that it was disco dancers who “broke the mold when it came to fashion, allowing freedom, creativity and individuality to reign supreme”. She also speaks about Ed McCormack an American journalist for the ‘Rolling Stones’ who often visited clubs such as …show more content…

’Glitter Bombing’ first started in America during the presidential election and was often performed by those of the LGBT community due to discrimination against same-sex marriage. On a number of occasions unsuspecting politicians had a bunch of glitter dumped over them. In season 3 of the hit American television show ‘Glee’ glitter bombing appeared. Following this, there was a brief trend where people would anonymously mail glitter to their enemies. The website ““ was set up by an Australian group who detest glitter and had realised that although it may be pretty it is notoriously hard to clean-up. They charge $9.99 per envelope and away it goes to the person of your

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