Gm Foods Persuasive Essay

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Genetically modified organisms are stocking up the grocery aisles with deceivingly plump tomatoes and identical ears of corn. These crops are the products of gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology and this relatively new science is negatively affecting the way food being utilized for human consumption. Genetically modified organisms are responsible for major environmental hazards and health risks around the globe. Producing and consuming GMOs is simply not worth the risks it creates when conventional farming is perfectly adequate for food production in today’s modern world. Therefore, America and other countries alike should entirely ban the production of genetically modified foods from their food industry. The human body wants to naturally reject the foreign proteins injected into GM crops intended for herbicide tolerance. But these GM foods that are being consumed still leave traces of these man-made proteins and they remain alive and functioning in the body. Additionally, the genes used in the creation of GMOs originate from bacteria and viruses that can create, “...unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problem” (Smith). There is also no universal consensus among scientist on the safety of this practice which is …show more content…

Today GMOs make up more than 80% of processed food in the U.S. This creates high risks in allergies due to the fact that GMOs impair human digestion, resulting in the human body to become sensitive and allergic to a variety of foods (Smith). Therefore, the ban of GMOs can actually improve the overall standard of living for many people with prominent allergies that affects their day to day lives. It has also been proven that health issues, like allergies, can be caused by the large quantity of Roundup used on GM crops that the average consumer is actually digesting into their

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