The Dream Film Analysis

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Goal: The dream begins is all about football film directed by Danny Canon. This film was released last September 30, 2005. Produced by Mark Huffman, written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, and distributed by Summit Entertainment. The main actor of this movie in none other than Kuno Becker and his name in this movie is Santiago Munes. The type of this movie was contemporary. Every scenes are easy to understand. The main characters are Santiago Munes, Glen Floy, Gavin Harris, and Ros Harmison. Santiago Munes is a son of a gardener. He has a lot of jobs for him to pursue his dreams, but his father wants him to stop dreaming. But Santiago didn’t stop. One day, he has been discovered by Glen Floy and became his coach. Santiago together with …show more content…

for me it is great, because it shows a lot of lessons , on how important our dream in life. I like the part of the movie when Santiago Munes told to his father what he really wants to his life, though he knows that his father will be getting mad at him, he continue the fight. There are a lot of trials in his way , but one good thing is, he didn’t stop because he knows that god has a plan to his life. In this movie I like the way how the casts play their role especially Santiago because he catches my attention, how was the movie made, what is the movie all about, what is the flow of the story, they have clear intention why they made this movie .Base on what I have watched, some part of the movie are not good to children. Sometimes the language use are hard to understand , there are boring part of movie but the rest are very interesting such as how Santiago make the goal for his team. I know that every movie have a lot of lessons learned. In here what I learned is that, we need to pursue our goals in life, no matter what is going on we need to continue the fight. It shows also how determination is very important in life. And we need to trust ourselves of what we want to do and we need to trust in HIM . Those trials are just trials , we need to accept the fact that trials are part of our lives so do not give up, God has a plan .So overall this movie was

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