Awakenings Movie Review Essay

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Jannele Nicole C. Ronario B.S. Pharmacy 1-1
Mrs. Peggy Anne
Movie Critique of “Awakenings”
Written by: Steven Zaillian
Directed by: Penny Marshall
The Year the Movie, “Awakenings” was shown in 1990. The title of the movie is: “Awakenings” was a 1990 American drama film. It was based on a true story of a Neurologist Oliver Sacks that portrayed by Robin Williams as Dr. Sayer that directed by Penny Marshall. The film “Awakenings” was a hit film in 1990 and an award winning drama movie. The movie depicts a particular disease that was the Post encephalitis Parkinson’s disease and the drug that was L-Dopa medication that used to treat it very accurately and effectively. “Awakenings” was all about the victims of epidemic of encephalitis lethargica or Post encephalitis Parkinson’s disease. But a new doctor, Dr. Sayer discovered the L-Dopa medication to try to treat some patients that appear to be catatonic and offers the prospect to reviving them. Speculating that their rigidity may be analogous to a severe form of Parkinsonism, he seeks permission from his sceptical superiors to treat patients …show more content…

I also learned that be determined, dedicated in everything that I will do, don’t lose hope and have a patience in everything because it will be very fruitful, successfully and worthy someday. This movie is very helpful to me to become sensitive to the person that have diseases like The Parkinsonism and even other disease of course as a Future Lasallian Pharmacist, I want to invent drugs or medicines that can help patients to be healed. I think others will learn from it by being sensitive and be of help this patient to not make them as a happiness but inspiration because they suffering to this disease yet the patients are very strong and they overcome their sickness no matter

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