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Parkinson's Disease: The epidemic of children who fell asleep
Awakenings, a film directed by Penny Marshall and released in 1990, follows the story of Dr. Malcolm Sayer (Robin Williams) as he interacts with catatonic patients infected by an epidemic of viral encephalitis earlier in life.
Sayer begins his career at this hospital, where he integrates his passion for neurological research into an investigative approach to the treatment of his patients. However, he is met by initial resistance and apathy from his colleagues, who view the patients as essentially hopeless.
The film particularly follows the interactions and developing relationship between Sayer and one of his patients, Leonard Lowe, who is portrayed by Robert DeNiro. Through interactions with the patients, Sayer begins to notice various stimuli that trigger responses from them and theorizes that these patients may be afflicted with an extreme form of a Parkinson-like disease.
Sayer becomes a strong proponent for the use of a breakthrough …show more content…

He explains that it is necessary to limit the miracles and, against the future disappointment, he says that they have to look for another awakening: The human spirit (…) and that is what needs to be nourished (…) these are the things that matter; this is what we’d forgotten. Yet another night and Eleanor is saying goodnight to Sayer and he invites her to have a coffee. We see that finally in his life there is room for a friend: something that undoubtedly Leonard drew out of him. The final mention of the fate of the inmates, as a film based a true story, tells us that new treatments were tested and short-term awakenings were achieved. The film ends with the voice of Sayer, saying Let’s begin. The word skilfully summarise the whole film, because it is always necessary to

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