Personal Reflection On The Purpose Of Education

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The purpose of education is to create the “catalyst”, - the interest, the imagination, the self-confidence, the enthusiasm for further knowledge that helps a person grow beyond what they believe they can be. Education should help develop skills and knowledge, so students can be productive members of society. The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you have in life. I think back to my childhood and the teachers that made an impact in my life. I want to be that catalyst for students. I want to send them out into the world being able to realize their full potential and capable of thinking intensively and critically. I believe the role of teachers is to empower students. The classroom needs to be multicultural, so that all the kids feel included and important. In order to teach …show more content…

I believe in the student centered approach to teaching. This model has proven to be more effective than the teacher center model. The teacher acts as the facilitator. The student and teacher need to learn what works together. The curriculum should be based on the specific students in the class and the activity that is going on at the time. I will be flexible and open to changing my teaching style whenever it is needed. It is about what works for the student. Whatever method is chosen, it will not be the teacher talking and the kids passively listening. Students should be encouraged to reflect on the information at hand and think critically. The methods should be multicultural, effective, active and democratic. It is my goal to make sure students are not just memorizing facts, but are actually understanding. They should be able to take the lesson and apply it to other areas of their lives. I believe students need to be assessed frequently and routinely. The students need accurate and effective feedback, so they can make any necessary adjustments. This will also help me, so I can modify my teaching method or identify who needs

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