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In the novel " Good Country People" by Flannery O'Conner, the main character is Joy-Hulga, she is a woman just like her mother Mrs.Hopewell believes she knows it all and, is superior to anyone around her. She has a Ph.D. in philosphy which to her mother it does not mean a thing, but to her that is where her knowledge and understanding of things comes from. O'Conner uses pride to demonstrate how it can lead to a person's destuction, in this case Manly Pointer being able to successfully manipulate Hulga into his seduction and taking her wooden leg. When Hulga first meets Pointly she tries to get her mother to kick him out and seems unintrested in him, but then agrees to meet with him when she believes he likes her. Hulga believed she …show more content…

Hulga believes she is aware of everything and has the ability to control him, but she is wrong and is trapped into his seduction. When her wooden leg is removed she is dependent on Pointer, not only physically also mentally. He was able to make her say that she loved him when she had said before she did not say those words, he also is able to make her climb the loft even when she said she could not. Hulga is shown for the first time to have emotions when feels saddened over the fact that like her Pointer would die soon because of his heart condition. Since Pointer is not from there the lack of his life to other enables him to change his name and no one to know that he is lying. Hulga is presented as a child by the way she is dressed, and this helps to demonstrate her lack of reality of the evil in others that are supposed to be "good country people." Hulga is vunerable and is allured into the sweet talk of Pointer, her pride leads her to lose the most precious thing she owns, her wooden leg. Her pride disables her from seeing the reality and is left on the floor unable to move. At the end Pointer tells her the truth, but she still remains ignorant and does not accept the fact that she was manipulated when it was her plan to seduce

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