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In the book “ Johnny Tremain” written by Esther Forbes, the theme pride really stands out in the beginning of the book. In this book, it repeatedly shows pride as a bad thing. Pride is one of the few things in the world that isn’t just good or evil. Pride is only evil if you let it become more important than everything else. This is a quote by C.Lewis “ pride is a spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, contentment, or even common sense,’” The easiest way to explain this is that pride, like cancer slowly grows and you never see it coming till it is too late. It slowly pushes away everything that makes you feel happy, but by keeping your pride you lose all you hold dear to your heart. This quote really explains johnny's pride and it’s hazardous consequences. As we read we see the consequences of his pride. It seems as though the word ego is in direct relation to pride. Pride can take a toll on …show more content…

Mine represents good pride while his bad. This shows you that pride has many forms. I am called humble but dont consired my self perfect. Johnny will learn the hard way life is fairer than it seems.Not that he is at the bottom maybe he will see the top was just not as good as he hought. Life is funny but i have a feeling johnny will learn. I always rember the life is fair because it is unfairfor evry one . everyones lives and realties are different but without life would just be boring. Pride is the only keepin us back so just let it go. In conclusion pride can mean many things and can be shown in many ways. At some point we may be humble. On our way there it may be be more difficult. The concept of pride is like a explantion of how theuniverse started. We may never understand how pride came to be but we should always strive to do beatter. The worldis not going to change in a day but when the day comes rember to care about those around you.i leave with these words is your pride worth giving up

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