Good Vs Evil In Dracula

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DRACULA Dracula is one most creepy and famous novel that has been written by Irish author Bram Stoker in which included the notorious character vampire Count Dracula. Besides, it has considered a novel with many literary genres for example vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel, and invasion literature. It was published 26 May 1897 in United Kingdom. The main theme of this novel is good vs evil in these two aspects are against society. The evil part is considered the behavior that shows Dracula to kill everyone who interferes in his plans. The good part is Jonathan Harker who will fight against the vampire in order to avoid the danger in the society. This novel presents a variety of characters in which the principal that I considered…show more content…
Jonathan Harker is an important lawyer who goes to Count Dracula’s castle to business which consists in purchasing a beautiful house in London. Then, Dracula tries to make a deal with the lawyer letting him to stay for a few days in the castle but later he noticed that Jonathan Harker has a beautiful wife with a huge similarity as Dracula had once. Therefore, Count Dracula’s objective is to have Jonathan Harker’s fiancée. Hence he has to look for her until to find her and make her wife. During this story, many events happen for example Dracula goes after Mina Murray to Bistritz to make her immortal as he is. Lucy is another victim in where she is bitten by the evil Dracula causing her a terrible illness. The Doctor Van Helsing is an expert in paranormal activities like this. He is the only one who discovers the unknown illness that Lucy possessed. Indeed, Dracula kidnaps Jonathan Harker’s wife and goes straight to Transylvania. Jonathan and other men go to look for Dracula to get Mina Murray back. Finally, Jonathan stabs a stake through his heart killing him at the moment. It is a suspense story in which many people said that was based on in Vlad Tepes, a historical figure that lived in fifteenth century but it was not like that. In other words, the novel is based in the fight of the evil against the
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