Gordon Edmonds And Sally Timms Summary

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Gordon Edmonds and Sally Timms A little too much of something can sometimes be a bad thing. In David Mitchell’s Slade House, the narrator of each chapter is targeted by the Grayer twins because they all seem to be “engifted.” The Grayer twins who are considered carnivores, feed on the souls of those who may be easily manipulated. For example, Gordon Edmonds is a cop, who is your typical heroic police officer but also easily surrenders himself to women for his pleasure. Another character who is “engifted” is Freya Timms. Freya is an excellent journalist who has a nose for digging deep into the investigation of her sisters’ disappearance. These two characters share similarities in which they both show much self-confidence- Gordon with women and Freya with her journalist skills of finding her sister. However, their stories also have differences between each other considering the time periods and their occupations. Gordon Edmonds is a detective inspector (cop) who prides himself …show more content…

Freya is intelligent and knows it too, and has a lesbian partner Avril and is also prideful of that. In her story she interviews Fred Pink, the man who seems to know so much about the Grayer twins. She is determined to find information about her disappearing sister. Freya and Gordon were lured very similar and that was the Grayer Twins targeting their wants. For Gordon Edmonds, he was obsessed with women and the twins figured that would be an easy way to lure someone to fulfill the ritual in the Slade House Attic. Gordon was tricked into a relationship with Chloe Chetwynd who was actually Norah Grayer. The twins also figured Freya was an easy target due to her in depth needs of finding more and more information on her sister Sally Timms’ death. Fred Pink was in fact Jonah Grayer and led Freya to too much information but that is what she wanted, was to find out what happened to her

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