Alice Dreger Is Anatomy Destiny Analysis

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The author, Alice Dreger, wants to know why we let our anatomy decide how our future is going to be. In the future, as science continues to become better, are we still going to continue to look at anatomy? Would we ever confess that a democracy that was built on anatomy might be collapsing? Alice Dreger argues that individuals who have bodies that challenge norms such as conjoined twins and those who have atypical sex threaten the social categories we have developed in our society. We have two categories: male and female. Those two categories have a particular anatomy. If someone doesn’t fit one or the other, then surgeons normalize them. This idea is too simplistic. Sex is more complicated than that. Dreger argues that nature doesn’t draw…show more content…
She said why not get a political asylum. This is what Dreger is talking about. Conjoined twins challenge the norms that we have established in our society. This is how people draw the line. If someone isn’t either male or female, they will undergo surgery so that they can fit into a category. Yes, I do accept the evidence that was presented in the video “Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny”. This video had a substantial amount of evidence that was backed by facts and research. This was why I had accepted the evidence. Alice Dreger, a historian, proved to the viewers that people do draw the line between sex because our social categories are being threatened. Much of her evidence proved that sex wasn’t simplistic as we thought. It is complicated. There is no clear line. According to Dreger, it is rather fuzzy. A majority of her evidence was believable and hard to reject. However, I found one piece of evidence hard to believe and that was when Dreger states that in 1776, our Founding Fathers were the original radical anatomists. They were rejecting the idea of a monarchy. A monarchy was based on the idea of

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