How Did The Articles Of Confederation Influence The Government Today

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The Articles of Confederation was the first approved written constitution of the United States of America. Originally written by John Dickinson, the Articles were heavily revised by congress before they were accepted. Dickinson was an American statesman who studied law in England at the Middle Temple and represented the state of Pennsylvania in the Stamp Act Congress in 1765. The Articles were written out of necessity, as the infant nation of America would need a working government if it was to succeed. The goal in writing the Articles was to create the foundation of a capable government, while allocating most of the power to the people and to the states. The colonists desired a weak central government because the strength of the British monarch and his ability to impose on the freedoms of his subjects was exactly what incited the colonies to revolt. When put into practice, …show more content…

The democratic principles, civil liberties, and separation of the federal and state governments present in the modern-day Constitution can all be traced back to the Articles. The purpose of the Articles in the course of American history, unknown to be at the time, was to serve as a rough draft of sorts to the Constitution, and though it did not succeed in its goal to found a capable government, it was a necessary step in reaching it. It is also worth noting that the Articles were completed during wartime, and the powers that were delegated to the federal government, being the ability to maintain an army and navy, take charge of foreign affairs, and manage Indian affairs, reflect this. The Articles of Confederation was made in haste and out of necessity, and the fact that in addition to this it was also the first attempt at a government made by the colonists and still managed to lay the groundwork for the future of the county stands as testament to the talent of those who wrote

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