How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution?

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“How revolutionary was the American Revolution?”
Some people view the American Revolution as the most important event in the world since the birth of Jesus Christ. A little background information on the Revolution. The American Revolution was a war between the thirteen colonies and England this occurred in 1775 thru 1783. After the thirteen colonies won they named there self’s United States. This impact left a mark on the United States that would continue through out history. Everything can be traced back to this event in life. The Revolution brought many changes to America it transformed a society that was monarchical into a republic society, it opened up disparage ordinary people, and it also changed Americans life forever.
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When America stopped being controlled from Britain, the founding fathers tried to come up with different things where they had no similarities with Britain. This is where the Articles of the Confederation come in. “The Articles of the Confederation was Americans first constitutional government and created a weak government that lacked the power to tax and compel state obedience to treaties it negotiated”(Keene, 154). The Constitution was a little different than the Articles of Confederation it was made up of two houses one that would determine the population and the other that would be the states representation. It also had the power to tax unlike the article and the executives where chosen by electors and electors chosen by the state legislator. The Constitution was one of the most political campaigns in Americas History. “Relating to social elements The Constitution Section nine states The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person”(Doc J). This was made between the slaveholders and people who did not own them. Congress did not stop the importing slaves until 1808 but they did vote to band the import of any more slaves from outside the Unites States. …show more content…

Before the war there were restrictions on trade and the industry and after it ended. This resulted in the development of America’s merchant marine and manufacturing industries. Expansion started to pick up people were starting to move western across the Appalachians Mountains. This was making life for the Native American harsh and difficult for them to have land. This provided American with economic opportunities for immigrants coming from Europe. Expanding to new land provide opportunities for small famers to grow crops and make a living. The government couldn’t treat the Indians bad so they came up with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. “This stated The utmost good faith shall always be observed toward the Indians; their lands and property shall never be taken from them without their consent; and in their property, rights, and liberty, they shall never be invaded or disturbed by Congress; but laws founded injustice and humanity shall from time to lime be made from preventing wrongs done to them, and preserving peace and friendship with them”(Doc O). The currency had an enormous inflation rate, which had dramatically depreciated. The war had put American in major debt but the planners were reducing the inflation rate, which was raising the value of money and financing the war debt. Using paper money made people very fond of it especially the farmers. The farmers liked that they could repay their debts with depreciated

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