Significance Of The French Revolution And Human Nature

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The French revolution and human nature A review of the literature Name School Abstract The French revolution was a time of great change in France. It was sparked by rebellion and necessity for change. It was dominated by social antagonism between the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy. The paper aims at providing an insight into the factors that caused the French revolution and the themes that emerged during the revolution. It further explores the significance of the revolution and its significance to date towards our system of thinking and interaction. This literature also examines the French revolution and how human nature was viewed. It elaborates on how human beings can be self-interested, savage and yet socially conscious or kind. It also explores how we see the effects of the revolution and its relevance. By drawing on a variety of sources, the paper shows how we relate to the enlightenment concept of humanism. How does The French revolution influence human nature? The French Revolution of 1789 sets itself apart from every revolution that had gone before by being a revolution centered on theories. The French king did not call parliament between 1614 and 1789. There existed a state of absolutism within that period. Absolutism refers to the idea of a monarch ruling without a consultative body of the people (parliament) to approve laws and thus limit the monarch’s power. Unlike Scotland and England, the powers of the king were not limited by any

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