Significance Of The Dragon In Beowulf

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In Beowulf, Grendel the dragon is looked at in a very negative light, as an evil character. This is due to the strong descriptive words that the author uses, such as: “a powerful monster…in darkness…growled in pain” (pg.41 L. ). These words paint a clear picture of Grendel, and it supplies you a feeling for how evil the beast truly is. The epic states that Grendel was “spawned in that slime” (pg.41 L.), giving a very dark image of what he was conceived into. Grendel is a character of true evil. Before Grendel, everything was serene. One day that all changed when Grendel came into the picture. “So Hrothgar’s men lived happy in his hall…Til that monster stirred, that demon, that fiend.” (pg.41 L.) This gives the reader a bad feeling that Grendel

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