Grendel's Isolation In Beowulf

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There is a cause and effect to the many events you put yourself through, whether positive or negative it may affect your chances to a new beginning in the future. Outcast because of their ?physical appearance, Grendel and Beast create isolated lives for themselves; however, Beast recognizes the transformative impact of love, while Grendel gives in to his inner darkness.
Grendel’s isolation is based on his genealogy and his resulting appearance; therefore, battling the challenge of being alone. According to Gardner’s, Grendel antecedents go back to Cain, the one considered as “brother-slayer.” Cain, in the Old Testament, was the first born to Adam and Eve. His father suggested sacrificial offerings, and behind his back, God accepted his brother, …show more content…

Since his appearance in Beowulf, Grendel has come to conclusion that no matter how hard he tries no one will accept who he is. Besides being presented as a monster, he was also seen as a coward and an insensitive character and referred to as “spawned in that slime”, a biblical allusion to the story of his antecedents. According to the Bible, all of Cain's descendants were punished by God because of his sins. Moreover, in Beowulf, Grendel was illustrated as “insensible pain and human sorrows”, or “incompetent” of any mental feeling. He is not aware that his actions affect other people as well as him being unaffected by the pain and suffering of others. Despite his evil motives, he is determined to do the best and overcome any obstacle that interferes with how bad he wants people to see he means no …show more content…

“For in my dark despair I've slowly understood My perfect world out there Had disappeared for good But in its place I feel A truer life begin And it’s so good and real it must come from within” (Beauty, A Change In Me). She has given up her life behind to help her father and make sure he did not die in the cell Beast had him in. After being traded the cell for a nicer room, Beast demands that Belle has dinner with him, hoping a relationship could

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