Guadalupe Nettel's View On The Life Of The Betta Fish

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Nature has a unique way of portraying the truth. This short story by Guadalupe Nettel is able to connect how the narrator’s marriage reflects the life of the Betta fish. Despite all of this, there are many marriages like the narrator’s and her husband, Vincent, that go through challenges that are soon discovered to be fault of a failing marriage and how animals can portray the lives of their owners. However, The narrator soon learns through observing her fish that her marriage is dysfunctional and isn't working the way she hoped for. Therefore, my lens revolves around nature portraying reality. The story begins with the narrator discussing the last fish they had together named Oblomov. The narrator continues to say how Oblomov was a “victim …show more content…

The narrator then begins to grow worried and starts to research to learn more about the the Betta species. As she is reading about the fish, her husband calls her to apologize for being selfish and tells her he had brought her her favorite food for lunch like he was persuading her to forgive him. Once they arrive home, they ate and had a conversation about their fishes and their lives. After the couple finishes having sex, the narrator notices a brown line going straight down her stomach area. Later the narrator finds out that the brown line on the female fish’s body is a sign of distress or danger. With the wife also displaying similar brown lines on her body, the comparison between the fish and the wife is shown with a sense of similar feelings of distress in their current situations. The narrator is able to feel sympathy towards the female fish because she can sense her fear of being cornered and a need to hide herself from the male. Just like the female fish, the narrator is going through a similar situation with her husband, in that the narrator felt belittled by her husband and a need to hide herself from him when he would be in one of his moods. For example, the birth of their daughter, they had different views on childbirth. The wife wanted to do a water birth because she heard it was a better for the baby, but she didn't argue for it because she

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