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Radric Davis, better known as Gucci Mane is a rapper. He is from Atlanta, Georgia but eventually moved to Birmingham, Alamabama with his single mother in the fourth grade. His rapping career started very young. He has been writing poems since he was in elementary school but did not start rapping until he reached about age fourteen. By fourteen he had already been spending time in a recording studio. Many famous rapper at the time such as Big Daddy Kane took interest in him and told him to put his words to music.
In 2006, he finally released an idle album called "Trap House" which contained the song "Icy", his very successful duet with another famous rapper, Young Jeezy. In May of 2005, his locally played debut single, "Black Tee", got him a huge contract with Big Cat Records. Even though they had slot of success with the song, Young Jeezy didn 't follow up their collaboration, and they got into arguments with another duet, because they didn 't want to give up the rights to it. This eventually caused the rappers to split apart.
During that same year, Gucci had been charged with murder after he had been visiting a female friend when four men dressed in all black burst into her Decatur apartment. All of the men assaulted Gucci, and gunshots were fired and the men fled the scene. The mans body was discovered days later outside near a middle school. He pleaded …show more content…

Then in November of 2009 during when he was just planning to release another album, Gucci Mane was sentenced to 12 months in jail for violating his probation that came off the 2006 assault case. After he served his time Gucci stayed away from trouble focusing more on his rapping career. From 2009-2010 he was a major label success, performing in a lot of songs and remixes. He is continuing to make more music with many famous rappers, and he will probably continue to until he can 't rap anymore. Gucci Mane is an important rapper, because he has changed people 's views on rap music, and he has given rap music a new

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