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I am interested in Howard University because it is an HBCU that encompass the themes of cultural diversity and education. Your commitment to scholars ensures me that at your school I will be right at home. Since I intend on on going down a medical path, I know that Howard University will provide me with best resources to follow my dreams. As a child I was always interested in the worlds around me and how things worked. As a result I participated in a Summer Enrichment Program located at Indiana University in Bloomington. There I explored all of the different STEM fields. From the experience I have developed a love for biology and learning how small things affect larger things in the world around me. The next summer I participated in the Summer Science Research …show more content…

Since he was born in an impoverished country, his drive for success in America was motivated by being a good example for his country. My success would be testament in the community in which I live. serving underrepresented individuals is important because I live in a small underrepresented community of Gary, Indiana. I love to help people; it 's my passion to make a long-lasting positive change in the surrounding people. My dad 's achievements are a constant reminder of what I will do once I get to college and for what is up ahead.. After college, my next step is medical school. I plan on furthering my research in how mental illnesses affect large communities, with my newly earned M. D/Ph.D. in Psychiatry and Biology. With the knowledge gained from medical school, I intend to give back to my community by opening a practice in my hometown of Gary, Indiana. As I reflect on the challenges that I have faced within my community, I am grateful. I wonder who I would have been if I had not been pushed to the limit and have been taught the values of hard work, education, and persistence. As I progress towards my future, I am eager for more misfortune because I know that from it I can rise and bring others up

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