Hallucinogens Research Paper

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Hallucinogenic Drugs Hallucinogens are drugs that cause hallucinations. Hallucinations are intense distortions of a person 's reality. The effects of hallucinogenic drugs on the brain simulates stimulation exponentially. Examples of some of these drugs include, acid, methylenedioxy-methamphetamine(MDMA), marijuana, and peyote. People use these drugs for various reasons such as to escape their reality, religion, pain relief, or to have a good time at a party. The effects of hallucinogenic drugs on the brain are partially unknown. However, researchers do acknowledge the enlightening experience it creates for the user and its possible medical application. For years hallucinogens have evolved from teenagers using magic mushrooms. To researchers …show more content…

A Dr.Hancock made reference to steve jobs use of LSD in the 1970’s at the Horizons convention. He said that Jobs described his experiences with LSD as life changing. Pollan, Michael "The Trip Treatment ". This coming from a man who’s corporation changed the way people live forever. Hancock also goes on to speak about how how it is criminal for a person to take use of “ sacred plants and other synthetic derivatives” Pollan, Michael. "The Trip Treatment.". This means that he believes that our governments are holding us back from our brain 's full potential by banning the use of …show more content…

Fast forward three years as he awaits his inevitable death. Along with this cancer he has developed anxiety and pain of all sorts. “Hallucinogens have doctors tuning in again”. This was the headline of a newspaper he was reading one Monday night in April. Pollan, Michael. "The Trip Treatment". The article was about clinical trials conducted by New York University. The trails were of psilocybin the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. Researchers were testing a way to relive volatile patients of the anxiety of death. Patrick immediately wanted to volunteer although his wife Lisa was not in favor of his decision. By volunteering Patrick hoped it would relieve him of the anxiety of death. “I didn 't want there to be an easy way out”, “I wanted him to fight”. Pollan, Michael "The Trip Treatment". These are some of his wife 's thoughts because she thought that her husband could fight the cancer. She was not in favor of him accepting his death. After Patrick 's dosage researchers said he would say things like “I had an encounter with my cancer, this black cloud of smoke”. This, and many other trials shows one of the most important purposes of these trials. Patrick and all of the other volunteers had lost their fear of

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