The Complexity Of Prince Hamlet In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Williams Shakespeare is recognized as the greatest English writer. One of his best works ever written is “Hamlet”, which is the most complex, confusing, and frequently performed play. The extreme complexity of the main character – prince Hamlet in this play contributes to its popularity until today. “Hamlet is supposedly the most quoted figure in Western culture after Jesus, maybe the most charismatic too” (Bloom 384). In the most famous revenge tragedy, his biggest weakness that he procrastinates completing his revenge for his father’s death by killing the murderer. However, he is still a virtuous hero who possesses admirable great courage and intelligence. In addition, his melancholy and madness increase the complexity level of his character. …show more content…

The Prince has a legitimate obligation to avenge his father’s murder and thus restore the status quo; nonetheless, the murderer is the sovereign himself, which leaves him no option but even to take the law into his own hands to achieve through revenge. Hamlet perceives it is wrong to kill a human being as he is a Christian. Moreover, the Prince is very careful which he has been readily condemned for testing his suspicions and trying to find the proof to demonstrate Claudius killed his father. Another admirable characteristic of Hamlet is his extreme intelligence. Javed also states that “[Hamlet] confuses the evidence of his own eyes and common sense with that of the Ghost and must now resort to complicated indirect tactics of observations. He wants to obtain indirect evidence of Claudius guilt by means of staging a play about fratricide which traps his uncle into betraying his guilt”. The very ambiguity of the Ghost leads Hamlet to test the Ghost’s reliability of and to find plausible evidence which supports his revenge by observing and analyzing Claudius’s attitudes and behaviors through the play which is elaborately shown in front of

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