Hamlet Trapped Character Analysis

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Humans are trapped in many situations at many stages. Even if it is It is person’s fault, he or she has to face all the problems that come in the life. In Hamlet by Shakespeare, Hamlet is victim of many traps that comes in the play. Throughout the play, Hamlet is trapped physically, mentally, and emotionally by his own actions and the situations that he faces and in being so embodies the human condition. Hamlet is trapped due to certain situation. Hamlet finds that his father has died and is trapped when the Ghost commands him to kill Claudius and take revenge on his father 's death. This was not Hamlet’s fault and this scenario traps him in emotional attachment with his father where that 's his duty to get revenge on his father’s murderer. Hamlet tells himself, “ I 'll wipe away all trivial, fond records, All saws of books, all forms, all pressures past, that youth and observation copied there(Hamlet, 1.5.106-108). At this stage, he has to think because what if the Ghost is wrong and someone else is murderer. “The first movement is from the beginning through Hamlet’s acceptance of the Ghost’s command (1).” Hamlet starts thinking about different ways of how to make King Claudius feel guilty and kill him to get revenge on King Hamlet’s death. …show more content…

Hamlet faces many problems because of his own character and actions or decision that he takes. Hamlet was sent to England with his friends where Polonius had a plan to kill him. This is a physical trap in which his own actions drags him into the death. Claudius says, “By letters congruent to the effect, The present death of Hamlet. Do it, England, for like the hectic in my blood he rages, and thou must cure me” (Hamlet 4.4.73-76). In the play, Hamlet wants to kill Claudius and Claudius too wants to kill Hamlet and for Claudius this is the perfect situation to send Hamlet away from Fortinbras and kill him. “The second movement is from Hamlet 's assumption of his "antic disposition" to his forced departure for England

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