Hamstring Exercise

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Hamstring exercises are meant to train the hamstring as both hip extensors and knee flexors. As a knee flexion, the tasks are conducted while seated, standing or kneeling. Furthermore, it is essential to train one leg at a time for an efficient neural drive to the hamstrings. Exercising both legs at the same time causes the dominant leg to be at least 20% stronger than the non-dominant leg. Stretching the hamstrings at both the hip and knee joints facilitates recruitment. This action implies that before starting any lift, the hamstrings would need to be in a straight position. This exercise is best executed while standing. Also, stretching the quadriceps before a leg curl increases the intensity of units used in the exercise. During leg curl…show more content…
First, the device has to be able to accommodate different weights of the trainees. The materials for building it have to be strong enough not to be susceptible or crumble under the pressure of people exercising. Most of the machine is made up of durable metals such as aluminum or steel to avoid this issue. Accordingly, the invention provides an exercise apparatus for the performance of hamstring eccentrics and concentric. It comprises of a kneeling cushion which is leaning along its length; a foot secure is positioned at the upper end of the kneeling buffer, and a frame for supporting the kneeling protection is also in an inclined position with the foot anchor. The kneeling pad is of adequate length to contain the lower legs of a client from the knee to the ankle. The pillow is stuffed for the comfort of the customer. The foot fastener, which is located at the upper part of the kneeling pad, comprises of a T-piece wherein a significantly level length sits above a vertical component centrally situated and expanding downwards to the frame. The horizontal section is cushioned considerably along its length to accommodate the rear end of the user's ankles and has suppressions to protect the user's Achilles muscles. The foot stabilizer may be unitary with the frame or may be linked to the structure in such a manner as to allow height adjustability concerning the kneeling…show more content…
The edge may be unitary or produced from materials which allow for height or length modification. In one picture the upper features of the tool facing the user are twisted between 5° to 20°. In an ideal embodiment, the primary support bar is inclined at between 8° and 12°. In a more preferred embodiment, the central support bar is tilted at 10°. In one embodiment the frame extends substantially beyond the lower extremity of the kneeling pad. In another picture, the structure is length modifiable. In another embodiment, the framework is height flexible. While in a different face, the frame is collapsible for effortlessness in storage or transport. In one area, the structure contains lengths of tubular steel curved to provide two upper and two lower

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