The Importance Of Triceps Exercises

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Triceps are major muscles of the upper body which are useful for the movement of the arm. The triceps play a crucial role in ensuring that our shoulders are well-balanced.
Arm flabbiness is a result of excess fat which results from changes that occur with age. Hormonal changes as one grows older cause a reduction in metabolic rate which means that fewer calories are burned during the day. More so, lack of exercise brings about an extensive risk of weight gain.
There are ways to combat and tighten flabby arms. However, you must be determined to engage in regular exercise routine that well be discussed in this article. There is a popular misconception that training your arms will
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• Ensure that you use your triceps to execute this push-up.
• Repeat for about 15-20 times. 3. TRICEP DIP
This exercise is one of the suitable triceps exercises for women.
• Grab a chair and sit on it.
• Keep a firm hold of the edge of the seat with your two hands.
• Stretch your legs so that they are in front of you.
• Place your body in a forward position so that your feet are flat.
• Also, bend your hands behind you so that they are holding you up.
• Make sure that your body is extended above ground floor.
• Raise and lower your body using your triceps slowly.
• You can repeat this for about 30 times.

This arm exercise targets your biceps, and shoulders particularly your triceps. It will reduce your arm flab and give it a fine tone. However, if this exercise is carried out efficiently, you should feel a slight pain in your shoulders. It means you are doing it well and this will improve flexibility and build the muscles around that area.
• Stand up straight with your feet flat on the ground.
• Extend your arms to the side 90-degrees to your body.
• Start by moving your arms forward in a small, fast
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This exercise is quite efficient and should be done with precautions. Get someone to assist or help you if you are new to this triceps exercise for women. In addition, do this exercise against the wall at first. Over time you will develop the strength and courage to carry out this exercise without the assistance of the wall
Headstands and handstands require proper upper-arm strength to keep the body in proper alignment and balance.
To get in the headstand position;
• Adopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is thrust forward and down.
• Do this with the support of a wall
• Grasp tightly your hands together with your elbows shoulder-width apart.
• Position your head between your elbows.
• Gently move your legs up one at a time until they are both against the wall.
• Ensure that your head is off the ground with the help of your arms in an upward, lifting motion.
• Repeat this exercise few times.
For handstands;
• Place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart.
• Make sure you are doing this in front of a wall.
• Look steadily and intently on the ground while lifting your legs off the ground.
• Keep your elbows straight by using your arm

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