Weight Workouts Disadvantages

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Benefits Of Weight Lifting Workouts For Women When it comes to weight loss, many women spend a lot of time on cardio equipment at the gym but are unable to lose weight in an effective manner. One of the best ways to lose weight effectively is to engage in weight lifting workouts. As per the statistics, only a fifth of the women engage in weight training two or more times in a week. If you are one of those, you are missing out on a lot… In fact, it is estimated that you can lose up to 3 percentage points of body fat in just 10 if you engage in weight training just two times in a week. In simple terms, you can take as much as 3 inches off your waist and hips by engaging in just two strength training sessions in a week. You will also develop new muscle mass that will help in boosting your metabolism which in turn will help in keeping your body lean and sculpted. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to weight training for women is that there is a best weightlifting routine that will work for everyone. The truth is that everyone has a different body which responds in a different manner to various training programs. It is also recommended to switch your lifting routine on a regular basis to get your body to adapt to the new training stimuli. As far as weight lifting workouts for women are concerned, there is no need to train differently than men. The only difference between the bodies of men and women is that men have 16 times the amount of testosterone but

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