Happiness Vs Religion

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Are Religious People Happier Than You?
Eighty-four percent of Americans say religion is an important factor in their lives (American Psychology Association). Studies have noted that religiosity is one of the most significant predictors of life satisfaction. Religion often gives millions of people around the world it gives people hope, motivation, and a standard of morals to live by. Therefore, evidence suggests religion has positive effects on a person’s happiness, health, and social stability.
There have been countless studies in which research has found a correlation between religiosity and happiness. One study suggests it is not religion as a whole that improves happiness but certain religious activities :
Which aspects of religion add most to happiness? The correlations in Scheme 1 suggest that the social aspects are more important than the private experience of religion, the correlations with church participation being stronger than the correlations with praying, meditation and belief in God. This was confirmed in a multivariate analysis. Time spend with people at your church appeared to …show more content…

In one study, a significant correlation between suicide rates and religious affiliation was found. Results found those who attend church and consider themselves religious are less likely to commit suicide and states with a higher percentage of non-affiliated residents have higher rates of suicide (Joubart). Many people find hope in religion and with this comes a sense of belonging with a group of like-minded people at a place of worship. Along with having a mentally stable life also comes a socially stable life as well.Through social integration and support, places of worship provide settings and opportunities for social interaction between people who share similar values. With a personal relationship with a divine other, major crises are more

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