Harriet Tubman's Struggle Against Slavery

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Kisato Yamamoto

Topic: A black woman who fought against slavery

1 Introduction A Attention Getter She was born as a slave in a slave family in Maryland, America. She was originally a slave. However, she was not for her entire life. She escaped from slavery by running away to a free state, Pennsylvania. She conducted the Underground Railroad to help other slaves escape to freedom. She worked as a spy to help the Union Army, the north side, in the Civil War. She struggled against slavery for her whole life. Who is “she”?

B Thesis Statement She is Harriet Tubman. A brave, compassionate, and strong-willed black women who fought against slavery, and helped many slaves become free. Today, I would like to tell about her.

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Escaping to north, hoping to become free was extremely difficult.
The journey to north was very long, and there were slave hunters everywhere. If slaves were caught by them, they were sent back to their master.
Therefore, slaves had to move at night, or move in the river to hide from them. It was an extremely dangerous trip.
Harriet’s husband and her brothers hesitated to take the risk, and finally they decided not to escape to freedom.
However, Harriet was ready to take any risks. She went through the woods at night, and walk in the river all alone. And, she made it. She succeeded in escaping to northern state with her courage and strong desire of freedom.

B As if that was not enough, she continued going back to the south, and helped her family escape to the north. She was not satisfied with her success, she wanted to help more slaves.
During her continuous trip to the south, she became one of the most famous conductors of the Underground Railroad.
Underground Railroad was a term used for a network of people, homes, and hideouts that were offered to help slaves escape from slave holding states in south to free states in north. Not a real railroad that trains

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