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“Harrison Bergeron” Group Writing Directions: Complete the task according to the assignment below. Write each group member’s name next to their assignment, and turn in one assignment for your group. Answer the following prompt: How is the theme your team wrote evident in the short story “Harrison Bergeron”? Provide text-based evidence to support your chosen theme. Follow the standard conventions of American English and MLA format. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when revising and editing your work: Spelling: Is each word correctly spelled? Punctuation: Have you used periods, question marks, commas, colons, and other punctuation marks correctly? Complete Sentences: Are all of your sentences complete, and neither fragment nor run-on sentences? Sentence Structure: Do you vary the sentence structure you use? Subject-Verb Agreement: Do the subjects and verbs in each sentence agree? Verb Tense: Is each verb in the correct tense? Capital Letters: Do you use capital letters correctly? Person A 1st I.C.E. Grecia Felix Person B 2nd I.C.E Moises Gonzalez Villegascola Person C 3rd I.C.E. Wenlyn Herrera Person D 1 sentence introduction (thesis), topic sentence, concluding sentence, and 1 sentence conclusion paragraph (re-stated thesis)- Stephanie Cruz …show more content…

A society needs a diverse community to be able to thrive in a way where the entire community will not be tied down to one single way of equality. In “Harrison Bergeron” The characters in the society of 2081 are all being tied like prisoners in a community where equality is the priority. For example, George and Hazel , Harrison's parents, are not able to express their true thoughts or what they truly believe is right. The story states “Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn't think about anything except in short bursts. And George, while

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