Similarities Between 1984 And Harrison Bergeron

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In the books of 1984 and Harrison Bergeron, they share a common theme for the future. The author’s message from each of these books gives a prophecy in which our society might be headed to a utopian society. In 1984, the book was published in 1949, but George Orwell provides a predictable story of our society becoming “equal” towards one another due to the government. Also, in Harrison Bergeron, the author gives its message by the story taking place in the future of 2081, while right now it 's 2017, to predict that we the people might actually turn this democratic republic government into a more centralized bureaucracy. Although these two books share a common theme, what makes each one of them similar and different towards one another are the literary elements incorporated into the book. Even though 1984 and Harrison Bergeron are two universal books that share a common message, the text features incorporated in each of the books have some similarities and differences towards each other. 1984 and Harrison Bergeron have similar imagery, but also differentiate from one another, by their diction. Throughout the books, …show more content…

1984 and Harrison Bergeron both play a lead role of using very similar imagery towards one another; visual imagery. In 1984, the author quotes “Momentarily he caught O 'Brien 's eye. O 'Brien had stood up. He had taken off his spectacles and was in the act of resettling them on his nose with his characteristic gesture. But there was a fraction of a second when their eyes met,” (Orwell 17 ). As we read the quote, the author provides very descriptive detail towards each of the characters. When we read along, we can visually see what was going on between Winston and O’Brien as they saw each other. The imagery being used helped us to dictate not only the character’s actions, but also helps us figure out the overall setting of the

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