Harrison Bergeron Compare And Contrast

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In the strict world of 2081, citizens were forced to hide their uniqueness behind masks, and their smartness with buzzers that sounded in their ears almost every second of the day. The dreadful story of “Harrison Bergeron” was very popular and was created as a short movie. There are some similarities and differences between the story and the movie, but they are mostly similar to each other. The beginning of the story started out the same, but changed as the movie progressed in events. The story of “Harrison Bergeron” is pretty much the same, like the plot, but the characterization and conflict are slightly different in the movie than in the story. The story and the movie is introduced with George and Hazel, the parents of Harrison Bergeron, watching a ballerina dance, which is the same in both the movie and the story. Their son, Harrison, was not home because of the fact that the H-G men took Harrison away. Since, in the movie, the ballerina’s were made to put on masks and metal handicaps, they didn’t look their very best while performing. The music sounded bland, and the ballerinas were doing the same dance day-by-day. The author describes the ballerina’s in the text as “burdened with sashweights and bags of birdshot, and …show more content…

In the movie, Hazel gets up from the couch to wash the dishes as George watches television. She ends up missing the whole broadcast, where a man struggles to announce that Harrison had broken out of jail, and is dangerous to everyone. However, in the movie, he tries again, and succeeds, but in the story, one of the utterly beautiful ballerinas has to say it for him. This is one example of the difference in plot, since the two are different. The suspense carries on as Harrison Bergeron, himself, enters the dance studio. The movie and the story are the same as it carries on at this point. Essentially, the middle of the story is where it starts to

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