Compare And Contrast Anthem And Harrison Bergeron

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Both the manuscripts by the title of Anthem and Harrison Bergeron deal with the events that take place in a dystopian society where it seems that human nature has completely flown out of the window. These two accounts are two very similar stories and yet they differ in so many ways and like all stories they have a message to be conveyed, however each lesson is never the same. However, this Literal Analysis will be only be discussing the settings, societies and characters of each book. Each society is formed off of the author’s ideas and imaginations, and because everyone is different, each time a book like this is written, it will take place in a different setting and different time zone. In Harrison Bergeron the very beginning states that …show more content…

During Anthem Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 knew that something wasn’t right with how they were living. The protocols of the place in which they lived were inhumane, and they were well aware of it. So they decided to leave together, and find a place where their community could no longer bother them. This is important to the character development because it shows the reader that they are aware. It shows that they no longer want to be controlled and that they refuse to be fooled by the illusion of a wonderful life in a horrible world. The characters in Harrison Bergeron were much different from the ones in Anthem. George (a mentally and physically handicapped man watching a television programme) was okay with the way the general public ran things. He was content with the fact that his government sounds off disturbingly loud and obnoxious noises in his head every time he had an individual thought. However, there was one character that wasn’t okay with what was going on; he went by the name of Harrison Bergeron, he was arrested at age 14 for supposedly being a threat to society because he was stronger and smarter than the other men around him. While in prison Bergeron was in prison his irritation with the social order grew. He eventually became strong enough to break out of the detention center, when he did so he attacked the dance recital that was being held on live television, took off a ballerina’s handicaps for her and they danced until a government official shot them dead. This event holds significance because even though the people watching the programme couldn’t recall a thing that had happened; the reader realized the consequences of oppressing others only because they would be mentally, or physically stronger than someone

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