Similarities Between Harrison Bergeron And Old Glory

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Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the future. “Harrison Bergeron” is a science fiction novel in which everyone is created equal through physical and mental handicaps. “Old Glory” is also a science fiction novel, and is about the Shoot- On- Sight law that was passed and Donald Henderson’s Great-grandfather’s reaction to the law. Both stories have a common theme of the future government being very strict. Both “Harrison Bergeron” and “Old Glory” use futuristic details to develop the theme in their story, using government as the anchor of their plot. In both short stories, the government has been modified for what they think is the best. In “Harrison Bergeron” the government has completely changed for the future. Every person in the short-story has to wear handicaps to make them equal to the other citizens. Everyone has to follow the rules, unless you want to die. Harrison Bergeron, the main character doesn’t like the guideline though. He has the most handicaps on, and does not think it is fair. He decides that he has enough of the new form …show more content…

In “Harrison Bergeron” they use the handicaps to produce equality. The handicaps are used to slow you down in some way, shape or form. For instance, Harrison has to wear (very heavy) weights to keep him from being too strong compared to the others. Another example is when George has to wear a mental handicap so that he does not become smarter than everyone else; it is like a little earpiece that plays loud, annoying sounds every once in awhile. In “Old Glory” the SOS men use laser rifles. When the Grandfather does wrong to the law, the SOS men come to the town square where he is located. Since the Grandfather is breaking the law, the consequence was pursued. The men used their laser rifles and sliced right through the poor men. The futuristic items in both novels develop the

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