Compare And Contrast Anthem And Divergent

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Statistics state that teens have stopped reading the common stories like, Twilight or the famous Harry Potter. Instead dystopian stoires have taken the attention and teens are beginning to read the dark dystopian littature. Anthem shows a huge part of indivulism, giving many reasons to how the popularity of dytopian litature realtes to teens. It very much shows the idea of teens being indivuals and becoming their own person. Divergent explains alot about dysobeying and being different than other and both show the same moral of teens today. Divergent gives the idea of being different while still trying to find out who they are. Anthem takes place in the unknown future, when mankind has entered a darker age. It also eliminates the idea of indiviuality, …show more content…

Both Dystopian stories characters express the way they think for themselves even if it isn’t what everyone wants for them. Anthem and Divergent buth have the theme of free will vs. fate, while using their main characters to prove how difficult the decisions made by free will, will overcome their fate, which is controlled by the society. In Anthem Equality 7-2521 says, “I am. I think. I will.” (Rand 94). Equality 7-2621 has the mindset of being a powerful human being as one, and so does tris in Divergent. Tris eventually starts to find herslef and the person she will become. She doesn’t listen to her strict society or her peers that also push her around. Tris and Equality 7-2521 know who they truly are, and how they will choose to live their life. Both main characters are the same in so many ways, they find who they are meant to be all along. Both Equality 7-2521 and Tris had to make difficult decisions, which ultimatley resulted in a rude awakening for the both of them, but gave them the right mindset of choosing the right thing. Choosing who they want to be and not what other want them to be. Overall, Anthem and Divergent duplicate the same idea in each of their main

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