Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Analysis

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The fear of rejection is what someone makes of it. If someone allows fear to consume them it will, but if they stand up and fight the fear of rejection they will be at peace with it. In the movie Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire there are multiple scenes where Harry wants to ask out the girl he likes, Cho Chang. But because of his fear of rejection instead of just talking to her he continues to make awkward eye contact and does stupid actions around her. Author of the book Rejection Proof Jia Jiang did a 100 days of rejection experiment to overcome most fears. In the reading Jiang does an experiment with pick up lines and asking strangers to rate his looks. Jiang illustrates in his experiment it is all about the approach to people, how one talks to people, and also confidence is key. If Harry Potter were to use these techniques Jiang used he would have better results in trying to ask out Cho. Undeniably approaching people the correct way is one of the keys to not getting rejected. Approaching people the wrong way makes it easy for them to form negative opinions. In Harry Potter’s situation with asking out Cho Chang; Harry never actually approached her. Although he did accidentally bumped into her and started making awkward eye contact with her embarrassing himself most of the time. Each time she was with her friends so her they would always try to get their opinions into her head as well. Harry took the wrong approach, but Cho still liked him in a cute embarrassing way. Like when he spilled the water all over himself she thought that was funny cute. Harry could 've taken a way better approach according Jia …show more content…

If Harry Potter were to follow some of Jiang’s guidelines he would have better results in asking out Cho and they would’ve went to the ball together. Jiang’s tips can help anyone get over their fears of

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