Spanish Culture Vs Mexican Culture Essay

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It is true that Mexicans and Spaniards share similarities concerning language and culture, but there are far too many regional variations that make linguists say that Mexican Spanish qualifies to be a separate language, nonetheless, what does differ is that Spain’s political system is a Democratic government with an ‘international’ currency. Additionally, one can find a lot of Spanish influence in Mexican culture such as bull fights, foods like Spanish rice, and yes, Catholic Religion. Yet, it is easy to see the ancestral differences between Mexican and Spanish people due to their many different historical characteristics. Today, one difference between the two is that the Mexican political system is a close copy of the US system—at least on paper. However, the Mexican constitution provides only for a Federal system, unlike in Spain who recently has a revolution less than fifty years ago. And, in reality Mexico is highly centralized due to the fact the federal …show more content…

This represents their encroachment and strife character based on the frame of reference. Mexicans extensively endorsed touching. Efficacy factor is a dominant consideration while talking. Mexican people also tend to possess the behavioral characteristics s such as flirting, more specifically when communicating with the associate of opposite gender. People in Mexico consider the touch as a caution of Welcome. Most American people conserve eye contact while communicating, and also they are expertise in showing enthusiasm and compassion. When greeting in social situations women pat each other on the right forearm or on the shoulder, rather than shake hands where as men shake hands until they know someone well, at which time they progress to a more traditional hug and back slapping. conversation take place in close physical distance when stepping back may be regarded as unfriendly. generally, people refrain to use first names

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