Harry Truman Dbq

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Harry Truman, a member of the Democratic Party, served the United States from 1945-1953 as the thirty-third president. Before becoming president, Truman served twice as a senator. The president at the time, FDR, asked Truman to be his vice president and he took the job. A few weeks after Truman was elected vice president FDR died, so Truman became president (Cannarella 20 - 25). Truman was an outstanding president that helped the United States through hardships. Truman did not have an easy first few months as president because he became president during World War II. At the end of his first day, he was told that the US and Great Britain were working on an atomic bomb. Not much later, the bomb was tested in New Mexico and was more powerful …show more content…

He had a proposal called the Marshall Plan, to have America give money to Western Europe in 1948 to help them rebuild (Cannarella 39). The President’s idea was smart because he showed America that he cared about Europe and rebuilding their economy. The Berlin Airlift was another way Truman decided to help. In 1948, the Soviets stopped all food and goods entering Germany from the west. Many of these German people would starve, so Truman ordered troops to send in supplies until the Soviet’s agreed to allow goods back into Germany (Cannarella 40). This action was good because Truman prevented many from starving. All of Truman’s decisions during and after the war helped his country and his actions showed loyalty to his …show more content…

America joined South Korea while China and the Soviet Union joined North Korea. The outcome of the war resulted in no winner. Since there was no victory for either country, Korea returned to the same status before the war, two countries of different beliefs (Cannarella 45). Although the outcome of the war was no victory for either side, Truman’s decision to participate in the war was proper because America’s goal was to prevent the spread of communism. When looking from this perspective, the war was a victory because the spread of communism was

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