Haunted Movies In Hollywood

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The Haunted Movie Theaters of Hollywood

It seems that spirits or ghosts seem to enjoy not only the theater but also watching movies. It appears that many of these ghosts have chosen to haunt Hollywood movie theaters. They can be former actors or actresses or even staff members of the theaters.

Mann’s Chinese Theater

One of the best recognized landmarks all over the world and especially in Hollywood is the building formerly known as Graumann’s Chinese Theater located on Hollywood Boulevard. Showman Sid Graumann built the theater in 1927 to host the premiere of the epic film “King of Kings” directed by Cecil B. DeMille. The building was designed in an Oriental style and actresses and actors could leave behind their foot and hand prints in front of the theater. This tradition came alive when actress Norma Talmadge was coming out of the theater one evening unawares that fresh cement had been poured outside of the theater’s lobby. She accidentally stepped right into the cement leaving an impression of her shoes behind. Since then many actresses and actors have left their prints here along the sidewalk and it has become one of Hollywood’s most popular tourist attractions.

As unusual as it might seem this stretch of sidewalk is also haunted. It all began in 1979 when actor Victor Kilian stopped for a drink at a local bar and had a conversation with a stranger. Later on authorities thought that the two of them left the bar together and headed for Kilian’s apartment. Whatever
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