Haywood Patterson Trial Strikes Again: Article Analysis

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Dear "Papery Newspaper,"

After I read your recent article, "Haywood Patterson Trial Strikes Again!" by Sophia Rowe, I felt the need to clarify what the article did not say. The public is ignorant to the significant problems that are being brought into our court every day and innocent lives are paying the price. This article specifically makes me angry and passionate for change. Many of you know about Judge Horton. He is a very fair and unbiased person, who has spoken many words of wisdom. He talks about unjust lynching and fair speech for both sides. He said, “Take the evidence, sift it out and find the truths and untruths and render your verdict...you are not trying whether or not the defendant is white or black--you are not trying that …show more content…

Less than nine months after the fist trial, Ruby Bates wrote a letter to her boyfriend denying that she was ever raped. In the letter it read, "Those Negroes did not touch me....I hope you will believe me the law don 't....I wish those Negroes are not Burnt on account of me." During the trials, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price also had trouble saying the same story. Victoria and Ruby had different views on how many negro men were on the train. Victoria was detailed about the story and seemed to know every moment, but when questioned she would suddenly not remember. All of this suspicion and lies counters any evidence that proves that the men had any sexual relations with Victoria Price or Ruby Bates. There is no evidence of physical harassment such as bruises or scratches, and the semen sample found is not proven to be the Scottsboros '. Most of the evidence against the Scottsboro men are based solely on biased opinions and racism, which is unacceptable in a court of law. My request to you is to stand up against this. Our own personal opinions and racism is clouding our judgment, making us automatically assume the worst. And it is ending innocent lives. Instead of just assuming that a black man is guilty because of his color, prove it. Find real evidence against him, study both sides, and accept all possible conclusions. Because though you may believe that black people are lower than you, evil exists in all of

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