Henry Fight The First Battle Analysis

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Henry fights the first battle along with the other soldiers and they are victorious. When the enemy retaliates, he decides to flee. He escapes into the woods far away from the battle, he feels safe by nature. He justifies his cowardly decision by his belief that fleeing from danger is a natural, universal tendency. He spots a squirrel and also a dead soldier. He flees the 2nd battle because he is scared, its a different vibe, and he has no experience. Henry reacts this way because he 's naturally scared. He is still young and terrified. Imagine you were getting shot at and seeing people die, you would probably run too. He wasn 't mentally prepared at the time and was caught off guard. From winning the first battle, he had thought he survived Hell and the worst part was all over. He wasn 't ready to do it…show more content…
Secondly, Henry didn 't run from the first battle because it was a different vibe. He went into that battle not completely understanding what he was going to go through. He hadn 't been in a battle just yet. The fact that everyone else was going through the same thing gave him a bit of comfort. He was nervous but mentally ready. Lastly, Henry also ran from the 2nd battle because he has no experience. Its not like he 's been doing this for years. He is still a young boy and is petrified of war, so you really can 't blame him. In addition, he is seeing men being killed. That 's a lot to take in, how do you expect someone to block that out and continue to fight. In conclusion, it turns out he is not the only one who fled that fight. That somewhat justifies the situation and helps Henry not look like a complete wimp. All in all he survived the war. They say everything happens for a reason. The events that occurred may have not happened if Henry didn 't
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