Henry Hazlitt

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As much as people hate to admit it, society and the world revolves around money. Whether someone wants to go to college, own a house, support a family, live luxurious etc all these things are dependent on wealth. So, knowing that the top one percent wealthiest people in the U.S owns more than the other ninety-nine percent combined is a little terrifying, and it’s partly due to the income inequality in the U.S. When there are people supporting their families on minimum wage and no one has taken action it’s time for a change. So, when it comes to the subject of wealth everyone will agree that is necessary to live. Where this consensus ends, however, is whether income inequality actually exists. Where as some would argue that income inequality …show more content…

Some would agree with this saying, but others feel it is only a modern version of “robin” hood. As Henry Hazlitt, author of “Old and Right,” expresses his opinion on redistribution of wealth, he brings up that: “Is the proposed measure intended primarily to help the poor, or to penalize the rich?” Hazlitt hints throughout the article, by quoting famous writers and some political people, that calling of redistribution of wealth is only the poor’s envy of the rich. Hazlitt also indicates that the “‘idea of equality is merely idealizing envy.’” Hazlitt expresses that if we go down this road that it will keep from positive ambition. Alessandra Stanley, author of “Silicon Valley largesse overlooks income inequality; The entrepreneur/philanthropists of the San Francisco-area tech industry are as conservative as benefactors of the past,” would agree with Hazlitt’s point that forced redistribution of taxes is not the answer. Stanley feels that income inequality and poverty is an engineering issue and not a tithe. Stanley solution is focus money elsewhere, like education, instead of forcing redistribution. Stanley argues that taking from the rich would do more harm than good because they make these big foundations and donate to people in need of

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