Wealth Inequality In America Summary

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Does the Greatly Skewed Distribution of Wealth Amongst the Lower and Upper Classes of Society Cause Conflict? American citizens as a whole do not recognize exactly how greatly skewed money is distributed amongst the lower and upper classes, nor the problems and conflicts that come with this great amount of skewness. People argue that this uneven distribution contributes in keeping society functioning because people are unaware of this disproportional spread since there are not any grave conflicts that would cause them to need to become aware. The article, Wealth Inequality in America: It’s Worse Than You Think by Chris Mathews, instead states that the top two percent of the wealthiest people in America contain over half of the total overall …show more content…

Conflict sociologists see this skewness as a problem in society. The people who become of wealth stay in wealth because they control the power due to the mass amount of money they have compared to the rest of the population. When we say wealthy, we are discussing the top two percent of wealthy people in America. The top two percent of people own over half the total wealth in the United States. Many cities and even states do not contain a single person that qualifies as being a part of the top two percent of wealthiest people in this country. When you become in the top two percent you stay there. The people at the very bottom of the wealth spectrum, which will make-up at least half of the United States population, will share ten to fifteen percent of the total wealth. Let me repeat that, ten to fifteen percent of the total wealth of the United States is split up in-between fifty percent of the United States population. People on average don’t realize what little money they have. There are people mistakenly thought of as wealthy, but don’t even come close to comparing to those who are actually in the highest class of

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