Hercules Patience

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Hercules was the first man born a mortal and by the time he died, he was a god. The reason he was a good was because of all of the task he did, he had the strength of a good, he also had other traits that were as good patience, fortitude and endurance.
Zeus was the last mortal son of Zeus. Hera was not happy that he had another child with someone else. When Hercules was just a toddler she tried killing him by slipping two snakes into his crib. He strangled both of the snakes. No other attempts by Hera to kill Hercules occurred in till he was older. She used her powers to enrage Hercules, he was so in rage that he accidentally killed his sons and his wife, he was in grate remorse of his actions and went to a king and asked if there was anything he could do to take away his guilt. He was sentenced to 12 nearly impossible task for a mortal but he was no mortal. His first task was to kill a lion that's skin was so tough that no spear or arrow could penetrate him. Hercules chased and trapped him into a cave and …show more content…

His task took great patience because he had to wait for everything to align, before he could complete the task and his patience was key because he had to wait numerous months usually. During a couple of his tasks he got I injured but he used his strength and courage to keep pursuing the end goal of his task. The endurance he showed was because he the 12 task he did took him close to 12 years to finish. He was the strongest mortal man to ever live. He was evan stronger than some gods. He could throw rocks like they were pebbles. He was able to hold up the earth for atlas for a short time, this was impressive because as a mortal he held up the entire earth. He killed the hellhound Cerberus without using any weapons. Hercules when he died was inducted to the be able to live on mount Olympus. His twelve task showed that he had what it took to be a

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